December 21st, 2003. Winter Solstice. Night.

While your family sleeps, you must prepare. As a recently converted practitioner of the Old Ways, use your incredibly reliable manual on Celtic magic to gather the materials for your first ritual invocation. 

You might have to improvise a little.

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(40 total ratings)
AuthorKris Lorischild
GenreRole Playing, Simulation


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Damn, most realistic game I've ever played


Never been a wiccan, but I was 14 once, and damn does this feel relatable.

Very well written.  Excellent work.


This is the most realistic experience i have seen about a solitary witch. I feel this in my soul. Never sure if you are doing it right but trying anyway because you feel like it is the right thing. but you still are not sure.


Relatable and has the early 2000s vibe HARD. During the ritual, I was super anxious that one of the family members would interrupt lol.


relatable and correct, most realistic game ever 


Nice game, I really felt like teenager again.

Game works fine on mobile, btw.