Hey, I have a Patreon now!

You Are Jeff Bezos is a game about the absurdity of money at scale. But on an individual level, money is a game most of us have no chance of opting out of.

One year ago, I wrote this little game as a way to channel my frustration after being laid off from my job. To date, I still haven't found new long-term work, and while I've made ends meet from freelancing (and tips left on this game here -- yes, they matter!) I've had to burn through my savings and other resources just to get to this point. Something has to give, and unfortunately, when you're busy surviving the first thing that gets shelved is creative pursuits.

I want to make more games like You Are Jeff Bezos -- fun, creepy, experimental stuff that's a little weird and a tiny bit hopeful -- but it's hard to do that when all my time is taken up keeping a roof over my head. That's where you come in! With your help, I can keep making cool little games and interactive experiences which fight back against the moral vacuum of an uncaring universe, and maybe say some more mean things about capitalism too.

My new Patreon is designed to help offset the time and labor I spend just treading water in this late capitalist hellscape, so that I can have more time to put out new games like this one. If you enjoyed You Are Jeff Bezos or my other games, consider becoming a patron! All backers gain access to exclusive previews of upcoming games including test builds and design notes. If we raise enough, I'll be able to start putting out new games on the regular, maybe even some that look prettier!

Can't support financially?  Spread the word instead! Share the game with your friends, use it to radicalize your coworkers. It makes a real difference. Or just give me a shout out on Twitter! That's always nice too.

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