"i've never felt so intensely attacked and upset and downright disrespected by a game" - @schizothymous

A simple text-based adventure exploring the age-old question: What would you do if you had more money than any single human being should ever have?

Be sure to expand the side column using the arrow in the upper left to view your current funds.

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"Puts the wealth of the world's richest into dizzying perspective." -Vice Motherboard

"The options are stark reminders of public good we forsake in refusing to redistribute wealth." -Newsweek

"Takes the gifts of games, and applies them to political education." -Paste

"Your recent submission [...] failed during our review process due to a content policy violation." -Amazon Appstore

"This seems highly actionable." -NPR

AuthorKris Ligman
GenreRole Playing, Simulation
Made withTwine
TagsComedy, Horror, Twine
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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i hate this. thank you.

"You are Elon Musk."

Got all 6 endings loved them

that... that was actually more fun than I expected it to be. Not that I expected it to not be fun, I expected it to be fun but I didn't expect to still be smiling 10 minutes afterwards.


Is there a way to attempt to buy the Presidency?


This...is amazing.

does anybody know how many endings there are?

There are six endings!



The true ending... Dear god, what did I do to deserve this!


This is so funny! I've got all the main endings; now to figure out the secret ones...


There's parts that are really funny, parts that are kind of cringey, overall pretty okay!


This was so fun!!! I got the True End. I love the idea that there are different ones; I want to replay soon and see what else I can get.


hell yeah. this was amazing in every way. 


This comment section makes me wanna uninstall my ability to read. Can anyone help with that?


boring as hell, why the fucks this tagged horror even that game about carrots is scarier than this. in conclusion, wasn't funny didn't laugh


you clearly have no use for the concept of money, thats great !


top tier ngl


Socialist Cringe

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This was extremely cathartic. Enjoy prison, ******!


oh shut the fuck up, you stupid brainwashed nut.






I don't usually comment but this is one of the best games I've played yet. Think of all the good for the world you could do as a billionaire, man. 


Such a fun game! I really really enjoyed playing it! Here is the gameplay of it! I hope you all enjoy it! 


I went sleuthing through the code and then actually sat down with pen and paper and did math to figure out how to get to the secret endings. Look what you've made me do! Ugh.

But I spent Bezos' money in a lot of different ways, and I had a blast doing it. Kudos, comrade.


any chance you could use your powers of math to give the rest of us hints on finding the secret endings? I'm caught in a true-ending loop.


I'm afraid I don't remember the details now -- but it involves getting your money  *exactly* to zero before you're supposed to be able to. Once you figure out the choices that get you close and the choices that make that impossible (i.e. earning interest while talking to your family), it's just a bit of playing around with the numbers and working on the problem backwards until you get there. Once you do, the secret endings all branch off from that point.

I went digging through the code and found an early "if money = $0" flag that tipped me off to this -- never would have figured it out, otherwise.


that's super helpful! thanks!


super epic


Has a good message and I agree with it at some points, but sometimes the humor just comes off as "im mad cause people are richer than me."


shut up jeff bezos


people who think socialists are jealous of rich people really have a fundamentally flawed idea of who socialists are and what socialism is.

this is a projection of your own aspirations for wealth and your jealousy. actual socialists are uninterested in the wealthy lifestyle and believe this absurd decadence is beyond immoral, it's not sustainable.

you'll never see mars get colonized, but you might see the earth get re-colonized after a mass extinction event caused by climate catastrophe. this is Musk's actual plan.

the revolution is coming


No, this game is meant to make a point. Billionaires could do so much good with their wealth. Nobody should be drowning in more money than theyd ever need in a lifetime while there are people starving and homeless


I usually don't reply to dead posts, but when I do it's to point out the hypocrisy of defending Stalin and socialism at the same time.


Overall amusing and I agree with the general principal but a lot of it comes off as unfunny and petulant anger.


imagine being objectively wrong


Calm down, tankie, it's just a vidya


"petulant" and "anger" were definitely NOT  themes that came to mind when I was playing


I can't believe it. I just ended US homelessness, funded 100k teachers for 4 years, paid personal taxes, doubled every Amazon employees pay, funded 10k artists for 4 years, funded NASA for a year, abolished the electoral college, paid EU taxes, fixed the Flint Water Crisis, funded 10 animal rescues for 4 years, built 10 libraries, paid off 1k student loans, funded 100 indie games, paid bail for everyone in the city jail system...

And I still had $16.6B left over.

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seventy twenty fifteen point eight fifty two hundred


got the bad ending first try LOL


easy true end

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someones is salty.....Can you elaborate why he is bad?


"salty".... because he could be saving lives with minimal effort and he chooses not to, to no real benefit to himself.

remember why people didn't like scar from lion king during the stampede scene?


This game is hilarious good job


Silly game, well made, but honestly could not think of anything but this video while playing it:


Cool video. The game admits at several points that it is an unrealistic thought experiment. I think this video adds value into discussion and doesn't devaluate the game.


Yeah, for sure :) 


This video is kinda trash. Obviously Bezos can't liquidate all of his assets immediately, but that doesn't make his wealth fake.

He has incredible power and could liquidate billions of dollars a year without devaluing his assets. There are also massive social opportunity costs in the things he does invest in (spaceships, twitter, venture capital). He could invest for a return in food poverty, poverty (through education loans, if necessary), etc.

Video also overlooks the economic liberal perspective on way billionaires are shit. They are a rentier, exploiting their ridiculous market position to levy rents that others cannot.


Love this so much.


Great Game, and even better comment section!




Wow, I love this game! Not only is it super funny, but it makes you think quite a bit. What would people do if they had Jeff Bezos' money, would people start to revolt or support charitable actions, and what coffee shop was he staying at??? Those baristas were solid.


Got the true ending on my first run. I AM ELON


gamers getting mad at this game is so funny like "oh noo this game is socialist boo" like, no shit guys! games (especially indie games) have been used to prove political points before, because at the end of the day games are another storytelling medium. Anyways great game do any of you guys know how to get the good ending?


I take it that you want socialism. well I got bad news for you. its a failed ideology. take a glance at Venezuela. as for your attacks on critics such as me and others, its disgusting to alienate a group of people that dont want politics in games.

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You could then just not play this kind of game? I'm assuming nobody sat you down and tied your hands to the keyboard. If you don't want politics in your games, don't play a game that from the title alone you're able to tell is probably politically motivated. At that point you're just looking for an excuse to be angry. Cheers, mate.


I did play just to see what it is. the synopsis was very broad and didnt state the obvious bias that I was playing. it was a bait to indoctrinate people to hate capitalism and want to implement socialism as it's place


Well good, otherwise what's the fucking point of propaganda?? I don't expect game devs to be castrated apolitical sheep who daren't question the overlords. I expect them to tell me what the fuck is up, at least from their perspective, in cool ways, which is what we have here. I don't see anything being hurt here but bootlickers' feelings. It's not "disgusting" (mildly upsetting) to "alienate" (not cater to) people who hate socialism. Besides, if you hate alienation, maybe give more of a shit about minorities, who get alienated in every fucking mainstream game. This funny economics thought experiment is one of the only games I've played that I actually feel like isn't alienating. So cry me a river. It's timmy's turn on the twine.


The true story behind Venezuela is somewhat different to what's been reported.  https://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/14348


That is a pro socialist website. if you think what the media reporting is a lie then explain the footage of thousands of people foraging for food in dumpsters like this






If you cant come up with another bullshit story like this pro communist shit website, then you are part of the problem. I dare you to move there, and I can bet you wont even last a month under their conditions.


Well, I certainly wouldn't last a month there right now... all that lovely oil has changed that, yet again.


It used to be a rich capitalist nation until that dictator took over. And no, Venezuela no longer has control of all of the refineries and rigs since they are still US property. Pres. Trump issued an embargo against that country. they no longer have our oil.


Sorry, how the fuck is keeping $65 billion a bad end? I ain't spending no god damn money on some god damn lawyer.


There are other ways to get to zero before that point

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Sorry but after playing this. It is clear that this sends a socialist message to gamers. We cannot let politics interfere our entertainment. not to mention it was inspired by man hater Zoe Quinn.




What? I raise a point but instead I get attacked for it. gaming industry is so fucking polarized and toxic, its a cancer.

Deleted 202 days ago

how tolerate of you...

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Tons of games (GTA as an example) send a capitalist message to gamers as well, but you don't sit down and cry about those games, huh.


I despise GTA. it promotes crime and the killing of cops.


Lol, be more lame

Deleted 202 days ago

If you want money fucking work for it instead of going the easy way and just go "hey we should change the fucking government boohoo  im a duffs 


Well said.


"We cannot let politics interfere our entertainment." Hate to break it to you buddy, but there is no such thing as an apolitical game. If you don't recognize the politics in gaming until it's socialist, you're missing a lot of perspective. Also, fuck that "man hater" bullshit. Zoe Quinn has faced more sexism and bullshit than MOST internet denizens for daring to exist as a game dev who isn't a man.

Deleted 67 days ago

THEY are a PERSON who has been subjected to one of the internet's worst witch hunts. Their abuser committed suicide. News flash, that happens sometimes. Suicide can't be stopped by anyone but a professional psych. Say whatever you want about the legality of the situation, but stop playing to the douchebro stereotype by bring their LOOKS into this, like misogynists always fucking do. You wouldn't be calling them scrawny or any other body-based insult if they were a man. You don't care. Cry me a river.


Lol You're defending Zoe Quinn? The game dev who made fake funding pages and indirectly murdered someone? You're right about people recognizing politics far more if they're left wing but defending Zoe Quinn just makes you look like a fucking idiot. Her allegations against her 'abuser'? Proven false. In fact she doxxed him. 'Harassment'? The so called chat board harassing her? Not real.  She a pathological liar just like some of the disgusting faces RePreSeNtInG women who play games and actually have problems with creeps. While Alec probably did abuse her to some extent she likely returned the favor, and  even though they agreed to bury the hatchet, she knew her twitter mob would swarm Alec and he would commit suicide from his mental issues so she talked about him. 

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