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Hi! I'm getting the following error message when loading the page.

I'm using Firefox on Linux.

Just FYI I've played it before and it's great.


This is most likely related to adblocker/script blockers or some other aspect of your browser's settings. I'd recommend trying the game on


Thank! I've reported this to the plugin authors.

The second address does not seem available under HTTPS. (Which is no obligation of yours to fix, but it might be an issue to some people.)


Hilarious and fun. This is just the best.

Sad that even after spending so much damn money, he still had billions left.


Great game. Keep doing what you're doing.

This comment made by the Russian social engineering experts trying to play both sides of the US cultural divide to destabilise the country as revenge for making the entire CoD:MW franchise.


Back in my day they actually put effort into propaganda.

Do better, clown.


ping me if you ever make "You Are (In A Closet With) Jeff Bezos (And You Are Armed)"



What a terrible game.

It took massive run arounds to get to screens that i had ANYTHING I would spend money on.  Which wasnt even close to enough money to clear the game.

While the game does acknowledge that Jeff Bezos doesnt actually have access to that much money at one time, it's worth calculated by owned investments, it doesnt do so unless you avoid spending the money at all costs.


what if instead of jeff bezos it was jess lesbos and she spent all her money eating pussy and putting fluoride in the water to make what few surviving frogs we have gay? food for thought


that sounds equally dumb

Why trade one brand of stupidity for another?


what if instead of stupidity it was cupidity and it was jess lesbos ruthlessly acquiring obscene sums of money so she could pay off all her debts to cam girls?


not gunna lie

You could probably make bank on that idea as a mobile game


Its a great game you're literally just missing all the sarcasm and humour of the game dude, the aim isnt to just spend his money its to spend his money your way and get the different endings.


I think your missing that spending that amount if money "my way" isnt possible in the game.

I played it all the way to the end.

It isnt physically possible to reach the end without spending money on things I would NEVER spend money on.  Even if I had unlimited money.

I think you're also missing the point that he doesnt have that money.  You aren't spending his money your way because he doesnt have that to spend.  He'd have to liquidate every asset he controls to have most of that and he'd lose about 30-40% to various taxes in the process


you are what we in the industry like to call a "lost cause," champ




mild correction

At some point its been patched so you can reach the end with a ton of money left over and only do one or two things I would rather not.  Oh and one I would never but that's not about spending money.  That's when the in laws break in.  There is no good option.


So what is your problem with the game i dont get it its just a fun little satirical game.


So whats your problem with it its just a satirical game thats short not anything you can call terrible


my problem, like I said, is that it isn't fun.
There are several points in the game where you are forced to choose an action to take from a list that does not contain an action I would take.

For instance,
"your family breaks in.... blah, blah, blah"
Explain the being a billionaire is immoral (it's not, so how can I)
Direct your nephew to twitter and turn him into a socialist (wow.... how is that my only other option?"

there are a great many situations in this "game" where you aren't left with any choices I would willingly take.
After leaving those replies last night I played through several times seeing If I could actually get to the end of the game without spending money on anything I find distasteful or making a choice I would never make.  I could not.  I played through completely six times and could not reach the end without doing things I did not want to do.


so u want your choice that would be way to much effort for  5  minute game like a scenario for every option would be infinite and the point of the game is that all these choices are irrational and for comedic purposes not for you to be thinking straight which is why you cant keep the money you just have to spend it. And calling it terrible game for that is just terribble


the point of the game is anti-capitalist propaganda masked in satyr.

There are a great many obvious things you could spend stupid amounts of money on that are left out.

"Pay for the wall but not build it"

Why is that an option instead of say

"Pay for 10 years of cancer cure research"

"Donate to Mental Health Charities"

"Pay to replace the coal power industry (go green)"


Because there are plenty of things you could put but non of them are political issues the creator cares about.

It's not a game.

It's not entertainment.

It's just political satire at its usual low, short sighted, and selfish level.


If you wanted options that were irrational and fun and just about exhibing the absurd amount of money he is worth you could have options like
"Buy 181, 818 classic Rubber Ducks for $1m"
"Buy a building and demolish it for fun"
"Send free coffee to every college campus in America"

If you want to make spending an absurd amount of money fun you let people spend it on common things that are relevant to their daily lives and you show them just how many times over a person worth that much could have everything you could ever dream of wanting.


Its just political satire i dont even know if its worth debating about in comments lmao its an 1 min game


So when I play a Call of Duty game, and my only input for how to resolve a situation is shooting someone, does that mean that Call of Duty isn't actually a game, that it's just political propaganda shoving a point of view down my throat?

Or, maybe, games can both? In fact, all games ARE both! Every game has things you can and cannot do. Every game has a point of view for what is "acceptable" in a given situation.  And what it determines is "acceptable" is based largely on the attitudes of the people who made it. 

I made a game with the point of view that being a billionaire IS, in fact, immoral. There are no ways to play my game where this point of view is not central to its design. If you refuse to give all of your money away, you get the Bad End. The fact that my game's point of view conflicts with your politics doesn't make it less of a game, anymore than Call of Duty conflicting with MY politics doesn't make IT less of a game. 

Not every game needs to align to your viewpoint. And if it makes you uncomfortable, you can stop! "Stop playing the game" is a perfectly reasonable response in this situation. There are games I've stopped playing because they pushed politics I found reprehensible; there's no reason you can't do the same.  I once read a very interesting article on someone who couldn't play Bioshock Infinite because it features a baptism, and it was against the player's religion to engage in something like that -- so they stopped! It's really that simple.

You're completely welcome to make your own billionaire simulator which acts how you want it to. Try it! Twine is free and very easy to use even if you have no programming experience. I guarantee that once you get a sense of what creating a game is like, it'll change your perspective on what a game "should" be. 


Well the point of the game is that no person in the world is worth that money, and also that the immense power of the wealthy to just do any shit they want with it is immoral and wrong.
If you don't think the homes of millions on Puerto Rico are "relevant to their daily lives", i don't know what to tell you. Probably that you're a laughable bootlicker.

Great game by the way, felt very good to spend this asshole's money.


This is a game about helping people with Jeff Bezos's money. If you do not, in fact, enjoy the fantasy of having enough money to help people, then yeah, I imagine it wouldn't appeal. Though I do kind of wonder why you didn't quit once it became obvious the intent was to be charitable.


I can't even comprehend what kind of person you'd have to be to find all the options unappealing. Did you think that maybe it's not the game that is the problem


This is wonderfully written + it displays in a few minutes how much capitalism sucks.


At least it's not as bad as socialism or communism


Dude it's been months


Time does not change accuracy of statement.  Capitilasm is not without problems but it sure does have a WAY lower death toll


check it out i can be a dipshit with numbers too


Except unlike the anti communist lists with pogroms and camps and famines, you include responses to communist offensive efforts on your list, such as the Korean War. At least try with this shit.


Yes, people die.But murica bad am i right?I dare you to post a parody of this in China, Venezuela, or any other country that is your dream-land.

Deleted 2 years ago

lmao captalists are like: "communism BAD, CAPTALISM GOOD"

when millions of people die around the world due to imperialist ambitions and corporate greed


Propaganda to call "No people will not work to their best without something to gain" (i.e. "human nature") propaganda. Nice lack of self awareness.


Are the secret endings working? I've done everything I can think of and can't get anything outside of the base 3.


Try to get your money to zero before reaching the coffee shop! That's the only hint I can give, sorry. Good luck!


Still can't seem to figure it out. I get to $5,800,000,000 and then anything I spend is small fries in comparison.

Do I have to make money first and then lose it?


You do not need to earn money to unlock the secret endings.


Ah, okay, I figured it out. Took a while of understanding how to finagle the system to let me delete Twitter. =)


Ooh, congrats!!

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I've played this so many times that I think I've discovered another way to break the game! When the police catch you  at the sewer, if you have under one million in wealth the game still gives you the option to spend one million to bribe the cops to set the barista free. This leads to you ending up with negative wealth and lots of amusing text when the cops set your bail at - 935,000 or something close to that. Will there be an update which adds another option to address this?


Thanks for letting me know! I'll patch this in the next update.


This game was fucking awesome. Absolutely loved it. Pleeeeaase make an Elon Musk sequel!


I really enjoyed this game, it puts a lot of points that I often try to make about wealth into perspective -- like just how much the world could be improved if the upper class did literally anything. It's delivered in a kind of offhand style that keeps it just lighthearted enough to (hopefully) help educate players on how the current economic system is flawed. I feel kinda silly writing a serious review for a twine game about Jeff Bezos but. such is life.


Hey ! Once I get into Elon Musk's car and talk to him during 9 minutes, shouldn't I get back at least 500.000$ ? Actually, I should have had this additional money every 9 minutes I spent in  Jeff Bezos' life !


What did I just play


Lazy political propaganda




i dont get it


Sequel please? if you aren't too busy spending all the money!


Hello Jeff Bezos, i am french, i eon't know if you will this message but i Hope. I have idea for the wildlife, buy a hectares in all the earth, and make sur that you make them unsuitable, and the hectares stay wild and the animals on this hectares will can continued live ans live porotected. 

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"Any leftover funds are put toward dismantling ICE"

Oh yeah, because enforcing legal immigration is so horrible, who needs to make sure people follow the law.

Honestly this game is just someone making fun of the right wing and disguising it as a "game"


I'm sorry, was it not politically correct enough for you


Yeah, how could they say something so politically incorrect, don't they know it's illegal to speak their opinions




yeah, dont you know it's only illegal to espouse your opinion if you ARE  a conservative that believes in things like individual rights and freedoms.

Violence and hate are fine as long as you hate the right groups of people am I right! Go antifa! Let's start another wandering mob and burn down some peoples businesses and beat random people to death in the street!!!


Sir, how could you denigrate ICE, the make-work organization for dudes whose necks were too thick to fit into a police officer's uniform?


Wow actually never heard of the word denigrate till now. Still not sure what on earth this post means


r u dumb


No I'm just not sure what you're talking about in the previous post


That was not me who called you dumb, I'm the original guy you were replying to.

I was suggesting that ICE is an organization that exists to provide jobs for angry large dudes who couldn't manage to become police officers.


How is it that most people immigrate illegally per logistics, and what is their crime rate compared to citizens, and what do they asymmetrically contribute to taxes?

Are you aware the differences between the DHS and ICE, their separate founding dates and impacts? Also, do you think stealing children and deporting their parents is ethical or humane?

I'm not attacking, I'm asking questions to foster intellectual honesty, so please answer as such.


Actually, Trump has been the one trying to fix that (children being separated), but nobody wants to admit that he's doing something good even by their standards. Also, ICE is a part of DHS, so I'm not sure what you're really trying to get at

Not really sure what you're saying in the first sentence either, but technically all illegal immigrants commit crimes, so their crime rate is 100%, if that's what you're talking about.

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You suck at facts

I know, I know, "The liberal media!!!!!!" Cuz why think when you can shout nonsense


Ok first of all, I'm not wrong about criminal illegal immigrants. They're criminals because they ILLEGALLY entered the country. Meaning they broke the law. Making them criminals. Also, you directed me to a post about immigrants in general.


Wow what a take, "this class of people are illegal because we've arbitrarily decided to make it that way even though up until the 90's it wasn't actually a crime."

If we don't factor in that semantic bullshit, immigrants are far less likely to commit crimes (because, y'know, they have a lot more to lose for even minor offenses no one cares about). If they weren't being persecuted, they might do things like join unions and demand higher wages. The persecution of immigrants is kind of why pay sucks for some jobs, because businesses can exploit those workers and threaten to turn them in if they complain.

It's almost as if companies who are paying undocumented immigrants below minimum wage are manufacturing a situation to make the lives of their workers hell so that they can keep their wages low. It's almost as though your own life, personally, would be improved if we didn't spend an absurd amount of resources putting migrants into labor camps and instead reformed our immigration policy so that these people could legally exist in the US and have a path to citizenship.

Of course, you better not have smoked any fucking pot or broken any laws yourself if you're going to be calling people criminals for trying to work for a living.


And for the other article, I guess I was wrong, that's it. I heard somewhere Trump was fixing that problem (which I think Obama put into place, again, not sure since I don't keep up with politics enough) But I do think Trumps right that illegal immigrant families can use children to sort of cheat the system. I think there was another way to do that but I forget. Personally I just think we should send the whole family back where they came from, with this new law in place it'll be the immigrant's fault for crossing illegally. They knew the risks and decided to take them


Dear Plasma45.

Without any undue hostility, I would encourage you to look up the facts, all of them, from both favorable and hostile sources, and then make up your own, enlightened opinion.


nothing gets past you, huh


um, thanks?


It's just lazy political propaganda, communist and many leftist in general view art as an ideological weapon.  To them it's only use is to convey ideas while disgracing their opposition. It's the same reason they love ruining peoples career over a joke. What's ironic is thinking like that makes it impossible to make art. We have a name for "Art" that serves no purpose but to push an ideology that's just called propaganda.


Try again.

It's not making fun of people on the ground levels. It's highlighting how rich people don't give a shit. Just because the bootlicker section of the more broadly reasonable conservative street crew get their boxers in a twist when someone makes fun of someone who has more money than all the voters combined, doesn't mean it's left vs right. It's a class war. Sorry.

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You try again, and next time stop using liberal based news sources. there is your problem, and you are part of the problem. You are an NPC and you never reason with people on the other side of the political spectrum unless they are part of the mob. You rather want violence to control the masses than to have a debate. You are a nasty person and an evil man. And you better part praying because when you die, you will be judged for your crimes of abortion, slavery, because you vote democrat and violence through death. the KKK uses violence to intimidate us. I will NOT COMPLY TO YOUR DEMANDS!!!!!


Whoops, didn't think I was talking to the cult. I'll pass on the koolaid thanks. Take it easy there buddy. Get some help.


How much money has Jeff Bezos earned while I sat playing this game?


The Citizen Kane of videogames. Better yet, the Mario Kart 64 of cinematographic arts


true ending first run.

i.. am speechless..


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Another game, a bit more theoretical, but with graphics:


Good game, reminder to rise up comrades 


I am also fond of starving to death fellow conrad


Daily reminder that communists eat their own in assorted political purges once power is claimed. Eat the rich if you will, but ask who they will eat next.



It's true, having five money is four evil


this guy knows what's up


this is accurate actually 


Elon Musk doesn't even fit this graph,  that's what makes him special :) 

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I love this! Here's an excellent companion piece courtesy of the Onion:


This is super super excellent, I put $10 towards you amassing a fortune as enormous as Jeff Bezos's, however I would also like to reserve the rights to make a videogame where people have to spend all your money




This is a truly amazing, inspring project. I don't think I've ever felt closer to being able to comprehend the impossible amounts of wealth of these monstorous people.
A new favourite game of mine.

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GOTY 2018!


Where's the start a socialist revolution option?


Being rich isn't bad.


yes it is

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it is almost not possible to become rich through ethical means and hoarding wealth instead of using it to help people who need it is morally indefensible 

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Morality is subjective, no?


hey, congrats on taking a philosophy 101 class! consider this: the subjective nature of morality does not make moral judgments invalid


A nobel peace prize is worth 1.5 million dollars. Though I'm sure they had to do some shady stuff to get it, am I right fellow socialists!


if you’ll reread my reply you will notice the inclusion of the word ‘almost’. instead of making inane, tedious nitpicks in a feeble attempt to score points for your team, try to actually engage with ideas openly and understand what people are trying to say

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This guy knows whats up


People often defend the rich because they want to believe they themselves will be rich someday. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but,


Absolutly amazing. Make this into an app and make it free on the Amazon App store.

And continue the story! Let's make billionaires extinct!


This is such a good idea omg


it's an addictive game!

Deleted post

You may have missed the point.


I like the way this guy thinks


Fuck yeah a boat


this is so good


This was beautiful. I love it.

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Fantastic. Play this right now.


I love this. I got the neutral ending with Elon.


I got the true ending. I am Elon.


I got the bad ending.




my only and largest criticism with this game is that i cannot buy the assassins out so that they will also kill me, jeff bezos, at the end of the game, ending my, jeff bezos', reign of terror


this is such a good game!! fun, clever,  and super satisfying...wish it was more than just a fantasy lmao!!

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