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I love this! Here's an excellent companion piece courtesy of the Onion:


This is super super excellent, I put $10 towards you amassing a fortune as enormous as Jeff Bezos's, however I would also like to reserve the rights to make a videogame where people have to spend all your money




This is a truly amazing, inspring project. I don't think I've ever felt closer to being able to comprehend the impossible amounts of wealth of these monstorous people.
A new favourite game of mine.

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GOTY 2018!


Where's the start a socialist revolution option?


Being rich isn't bad.


yes it is

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it is almost not possible to become rich through ethical means and hoarding wealth instead of using it to help people who need it is morally indefensible 

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Morality is subjective, no?


hey, congrats on taking a philosophy 101 class! consider this: the subjective nature of morality does not make moral judgments invalid


A nobel peace prize is worth 1.5 million dollars. Though I'm sure they had to do some shady stuff to get it, am I right fellow socialists!


if you’ll reread my reply you will notice the inclusion of the word ‘almost’. instead of making inane, tedious nitpicks in a feeble attempt to score points for your team, try to actually engage with ideas openly and understand what people are trying to say

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This guy knows whats up


People often defend the rich because they want to believe they themselves will be rich someday. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but,


Absolutly amazing. Make this into an app and make it free on the Amazon App store.

And continue the story! Let's make billionaires extinct!


This is such a good idea omg


it's an addictive game!


the options for what to spend money on are big gay, it would be a lot cooler if you could buy some kind of gun and / or an island and also a boat now that would be a good game


You may have missed the point.


I like the way this guy thinks


Fuck yeah a boat


this is so good


This was beautiful. I love it.

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Fantastic. Play this right now.


I love this. I got the neutral ending with Elon.


I got the true ending. I am Elon.


I got the bad ending.




my only and largest criticism with this game is that i cannot buy the assassins out so that they will also kill me, jeff bezos, at the end of the game, ending my, jeff bezos', reign of terror


this is such a good game!! fun, clever,  and super satisfying...wish it was more than just a fantasy lmao!!

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