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thattisss craza\a\a\zyzyyyy


There is a bug. After clicking Support this game and putting in my bank account, my total money did not decrease. Plz fix. Literally unplayable.


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Imagine thinking this is a remotely interesting, informative, or funny take, then not reading the lines in game explicitly acknowledging this point, and then in a master stroke of liberal brainworms going to post your so-called point on the internet.

Are you actually Jeff Bezos?

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"Sure, sure. It's also true that no billionaire just sits on a giant pile of cash; most of Bezos' wealth is abstracted into stocks, investments, and so forth.

But that's not the scope of this simulation. This simulation is about spending all of Jeff Bezos' fucking money."

The game itself says about that. They don't think net worth = money you can spend, it's literally just a game where you get to think IF you could just spend stocks like money.


Who cares


the person who commented first seemed to care enough to post a coment and it seems you do to as go through the same process

your mom


true ending. Was interestimg


Thanks for the game!

This puts some things into perspective. And I like how fun and actually somewhat thrilling it became. It's good stuff!

I got "True End". I was so selfless. I don't even care about money till I need it.

i just never paid my taxes and did what i thought was funny


horrifying ending

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I really should thank you, your biased game about how capitalism is evil and the world should adopt socialism convinced me to create an account just to post it. Does capitalism have flaws? Yes, most definitely, Is Bezos a good person? Probably not. However, is doing a straw man a logical argument that will convince people? Yeah no.

Deleted 25 days ago

do you know what satire is



i bet youre the type of person who yells "but-but cannibalism is bad!!1!!!1!" when someone says eat the rich.


get a sense of humor before playing games or you arent gonna last long

is the true end the neutral one or nah?

this game seems very interesting.. I like it.


Jumpscare warning:

You are Elon Musk


True Ending at first attempt. I also laughed my ass off


wait if im elon musk then who picked me when i paid the bail?


first playthrough and i get the bad ending. clearly i'm getting rusty with my visual novel/cyoa skills


You are Elon Musk.


True ending first try

me too


i see the poor people are at it again 


idk why this got downvoted into another dimension, made me laugh haha


Honestly, I don't get being pissed enough to make a game like this about it especially when we all know you would not do any of this and would instead revel in your newfound wealth


maybe you should go see a colonoscopist because they will assure you that it ain't that deep


maybe you should head over to the doc and get your head checked, if you really wanna pretend like you don't get what I'm saying you're either being an idiot on purpose or just brain dead.


i can assure you, this game is not as deep as you make it out to be


Not everyone would just revel in it, maybe it's just that you would.


sure pal, you would totally give it all away. I'm not saying i would continue to run a sweat shop like Jeff, but you can improve quality of life for your workers without giving away all of your money. to pretend like you would do that is ridiculous.


Why not? I'm happy already, why not use the money to make the world a better place.


because once you're that rich you begin to want more, plenty of people said the same things you guys are saying and a soon as they get that chance its always the same, whether from uncovered greed or fear for your life (a good person is always a threat to the elites) you would fold.


i literally just wouldn't though? like im reluctant to use "im just built different" as a legitimate argument but thats honestly all i need to make your entire point fall apart. id do the right thing because i have free will and money isnt black magic that makes you a bad person, it's a social construct that bad people abuse.


on one hand, while you are right in that abundant wealth creates a desire for more obscene wealth, this is basing off the assumption you watched your own money grow. this simulator is if you (your ego, personality, and morals) are inhabiting jeff bezos' body. meaning you still hold the values from before you were jeff bezos. meaning, you dont actually hold any feelings towards his obscene wealth. and if you knew that this was temporary, and that you would eventually go back to your own body,  what would you do? id undoubtedly spend all his money. i still like my life, as poor as i may be, and i hate jeff bezos, the piece of shit he is.


Yeah yeah we get it Beans, you're a shitty person. You may be part of the problem but you don't have to project what you would do onto everyone else.

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hey dickweed, money makes you want more money, not to mention that a good person being a billionaire is a threat to the high society, you wouldn't do what you pretend you would, be it because of greed or fear. grow the fuck up.


You're getting a lot of downvotes for someone acting like he knows what he's talking about, lol. YOU wouldn't do anything good with a lot of money because YOU'RE the greedy, cowardly one, and you're projecting those traits onto me. Grow the fuck up.


i wish i could agree that many down-votes would mean I'm wrong, but you've seen how stupid groups of people can be. Anyways, now that the conversation is back to you and me, not all of those faceless no ones, you do also know that almost all of the money Jeff Bezos has isn't liquidated right? he invests it right back into his companies. Another fun point is that even if you arent rich you have plenty to donate at almost every level of American and European society, pretending like its the riches fault is a pansy ass excuse and you fucking know it. So, if you have a response that actually means something (like proof that you donate to charities, that you don't make enough to donate because you have a family) instead of just saying "No, iM noT gREeDy, YoU baD!! me gOoD!!" then feel free too speak up, but if all you have to bring to the table is insults and excuses then quite frankly I'm done talking to you.


wow, one down vote and your at even for your upvotes, it seems like as much as people disagree with me, only one was willing to take your side on this one. maybe because you didn't make any actual fucking points?


Literally where are you getting this "money makes you want more money" info from?


I get a fatal error whenever I open the page.


this is spectacular! I love it so much!


Tis is the best game I've aver played 


Silence, filthy communist

fr tho, this was sick and it made me feel sick, I've never had a text based adventure game ever make me feel anything other than boredom, fuckin kudos bro. 


complements game -15


Is there a way to pay the 1.5 trillion dollar option at the start or am I hitting restart for no reason?


no i think the thats the joke


this game is incredible

Deleted 56 days ago

this comment didnt age well




cry abt it


this made me quite angry so i had to add it to my collection, thank you


Lack of ethics aside, Jeff Bezos do be kinda hot tho. He do be lookin' pretty clappable. That jawline? Got me cut up. That one drooping eye? Got me swoonin'. Skinny legend, got me quakin'. 


Don't know why you're getting dislikes, this is hilarious




i have no idea who jeff bazo is and i still dont


Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Amazon


such fun to spend all of his f*cking money


this is gold and funny


This game was SO stupid it inspired me to make an account just to say that you've convinced me that "anti capitalists" are fucking stupid. You guys don't even know what a net worth is.

Just to give you basic knowledge, the formula of net worth is assets-liabilities. I'm no economist or know about finance, but even I know what that means. Liquidity is the actual cash on hand. 

Gosh, after playing through this a couple times I'm convinced that you people have no idea of what your talking about.


"Sure, sure. It's also true that no billionaire just sits on a giant pile of cash; most of Bezos' wealth is abstracted into stocks, investments, and so forth.

But that's not the scope of this simulation. This simulation is about spending all of Jeff Bezos' fucking money."

you sure you played this game


Yes I did, and I understand the point of the game and more importantly read what people have said about it. And no, in this game you are not spending his money because he doesn't literally have 156 billion in liquid, that is an amount of physical cash that not even Jeff has. And if he literally decided to one day make it all liquid, he'd quickly see all of his net worth falling down as fears in the stocks he have cause it to go down before he even is able to go through it lmao. This game's preaching fails when it doesn't understand basic concepts and is just a shitty communist book. Actually yeah, your right, I did not play this game. This is barely a choose your own adventure book, it's just a shitty communist fiction article.

Also very funnily, this game tries to show how amazing he is that he could be funding NASA and shit, and uh, he did turn some of his money liquid for the very purpose of funding space related shit that involves donating a lander to NASA so I find that fun.


You know the game itself recognizes that he doesn't have just a stack of money to spend right. Yes its unrealistic, but so is waking up in the body of some dumb rich fuck.


"yeah i did" "no i didn't"



This comment is hilarious! It seems pretty clear you didn't even try NOT to spend Jeff Bezos' money, because the game itself makes this point if you do.

"Sure, sure. It's also true that no billionaire just sits on a giant pile of cash; most of Bezos' wealth is abstracted into stocks, investments, and so forth.

But that's not the scope of this simulation. This simulation is about spending all of Jeff Bezos' fucking money."


Hi, glad you had fun reading this comment! At least the comments have provided me with more interactivity than this game has given me.


Ok Boomer


Boomer? When I wrote that reply I wasn't even old enough to vote.


no u


Everything is clearer now


At least now we know what Jeff Bezos account name is!

Deleted 2 years ago

You know what, I agree. This entire game is leftist bullshit. And I'm not even a conservative.


Awesome game, just don't like you insulting our dank lord Elon Musk.


If this is serious, all of the issues with Jeff Bezos also exist with Elon Musk. Musk also supported a coup for lithium and got his start because his family exploited workers under apartheid. I know the image Musk has built around himself is appealing and funny, but he still is hugely harmful. 


don't agree with him on many things yet believe he is the next Tesla (the scientists)


I don't think he's nearly as impactful. He hasn't invented that much on his own.


He did start the first successful private space company and took over Tesla to make it the first electric car company that could compete with car manufacturing giants such as Ford. He  has made other car companies start to make the change to electric by challenging them and did help America lunch the first rocket to the international space station with American astronauts and on American land. Not to mention re-kindling the publics' desire for space explorations. 


None of those are really inventions like Tesla made, I frankly think the privatization of space is a bad thing, Teslas are actually not environmentally friendly, and I think all of the space stuff could have been accomplished without him if NASA was given sufficient funding.


musk hasn't invented shit. tesla would drop kick his ass into another dimension


I do not like this because it is dumb.


thats the point mate




kill the rich


i hate this. thank you.


"You are Elon Musk."


Got all 6 endings loved them


that... that was actually more fun than I expected it to be. Not that I expected it to not be fun, I expected it to be fun but I didn't expect to still be smiling 10 minutes afterwards.


Is there a way to attempt to buy the Presidency?


Does buying twitter and banning trump count?

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