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Great Game, and even better comment section!




Wow, I love this game! Not only is it super funny, but it makes you think quite a bit. What would people do if they had Jeff Bezos' money, would people start to revolt or support charitable actions, and what coffee shop was he staying at??? Those baristas were solid.


Got the true ending on my first run. I AM ELON


gamers getting mad at this game is so funny like "oh noo this game is socialist boo" like, no shit guys! games (especially indie games) have been used to prove political points before, because at the end of the day games are another storytelling medium. Anyways great game do any of you guys know how to get the good ending?


I take it that you want socialism. well I got bad news for you. its a failed ideology. take a glance at Venezuela. as for your attacks on critics such as me and others, its disgusting to alienate a group of people that dont want politics in games.

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You could then just not play this kind of game? I'm assuming nobody sat you down and tied your hands to the keyboard. If you don't want politics in your games, don't play a game that from the title alone you're able to tell is probably politically motivated. At that point you're just looking for an excuse to be angry. Cheers, mate.


I did play just to see what it is. the synopsis was very broad and didnt state the obvious bias that I was playing. it was a bait to indoctrinate people to hate capitalism and want to implement socialism as it's place


Well good, otherwise what's the fucking point of propaganda?? I don't expect game devs to be castrated apolitical sheep who daren't question the overlords. I expect them to tell me what the fuck is up, at least from their perspective, in cool ways, which is what we have here. I don't see anything being hurt here but bootlickers' feelings. It's not "disgusting" (mildly upsetting) to "alienate" (not cater to) people who hate socialism. Besides, if you hate alienation, maybe give more of a shit about minorities, who get alienated in every fucking mainstream game. This funny economics thought experiment is one of the only games I've played that I actually feel like isn't alienating. So cry me a river. It's timmy's turn on the twine.


The true story behind Venezuela is somewhat different to what's been reported.


That is a pro socialist website. if you think what the media reporting is a lie then explain the footage of thousands of people foraging for food in dumpsters like this

If you cant come up with another bullshit story like this pro communist shit website, then you are part of the problem. I dare you to move there, and I can bet you wont even last a month under their conditions.


Well, I certainly wouldn't last a month there right now... all that lovely oil has changed that, yet again.


It used to be a rich capitalist nation until that dictator took over. And no, Venezuela no longer has control of all of the refineries and rigs since they are still US property. Pres. Trump issued an embargo against that country. they no longer have our oil.


Sorry, how the fuck is keeping $65 billion a bad end? I ain't spending no god damn money on some god damn lawyer.


There are other ways to get to zero before that point

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Sorry but after playing this. It is clear that this sends a socialist message to gamers. We cannot let politics interfere our entertainment. not to mention it was inspired by man hater Zoe Quinn.




What? I raise a point but instead I get attacked for it. gaming industry is so fucking polarized and toxic, its a cancer.

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how tolerate of you...

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Tons of games (GTA as an example) send a capitalist message to gamers as well, but you don't sit down and cry about those games, huh.


I despise GTA. it promotes crime and the killing of cops.


Lol, be more lame

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If you want money fucking work for it instead of going the easy way and just go "hey we should change the fucking government boohoo  im a duffs 


Well said.


"We cannot let politics interfere our entertainment." Hate to break it to you buddy, but there is no such thing as an apolitical game. If you don't recognize the politics in gaming until it's socialist, you're missing a lot of perspective. Also, fuck that "man hater" bullshit. Zoe Quinn has faced more sexism and bullshit than MOST internet denizens for daring to exist as a game dev who isn't a man.

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THEY are a PERSON who has been subjected to one of the internet's worst witch hunts. Their abuser committed suicide. News flash, that happens sometimes. Suicide can't be stopped by anyone but a professional psych. Say whatever you want about the legality of the situation, but stop playing to the douchebro stereotype by bring their LOOKS into this, like misogynists always fucking do. You wouldn't be calling them scrawny or any other body-based insult if they were a man. You don't care. Cry me a river.


Lol You're defending Zoe Quinn? The game dev who made fake funding pages and indirectly murdered someone? You're right about people recognizing politics far more if they're left wing but defending Zoe Quinn just makes you look like a fucking idiot. Her allegations against her 'abuser'? Proven false. In fact she doxxed him. 'Harassment'? The so called chat board harassing her? Not real.  She a pathological liar just like some of the disgusting faces RePreSeNtInG women who play games and actually have problems with creeps. While Alec probably did abuse her to some extent she likely returned the favor, and  even though they agreed to bury the hatchet, she knew her twitter mob would swarm Alec and he would commit suicide from his mental issues so she talked about him. 


The overall concept here is fun for a simple twenty-minute experience, and the writing is fairly amusing for the most part, but there's one detail that I feel needs to be addressed.

The text repeatedly jokes about 'the young blood you [Bezos] have pumped into yourself'. This is a clear reference to the supposed "trend" of wealthy individuals purchasing blood from healthy, young people and injecting it into themselves to become more youthful. Said trend is completely fake.

I know this game isn't meant to be completely serious or realistic, so parodies and jokes are fine, but it needs to be stressed that the "young blood" rumor is a right-wing lie spun up to demonize "The Elite" (a.k.a. Jewish people) under the guise of anti-capitalist rhetoric. Much like jokes about "lizard people", it is a seemingly-harmless piece of humor that actually serves to spread anti-Semitism and make it easier to sway the unaware toward fascism.

This game has been out for quite some time now and doesn't seem to be receiving further updates, so I understand if the developer has long since shifted priorities elsewhere, but it would be good to have this addressed in some way. Barring that, it would do the people playing the game to be aware of where this "joke" came from and avoid spreading it further.

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Just seeing this comment for the first time, sorry that I didn't respond earlier.

I'm ashamed to say I didn't make the connection to blood libel myself, and I wish that I had.  The research exists and so does the start-up Peter Thiel is associated with, but you're right that otherwise the reports appear blown out of proportion, in part I'm sure due to the very anti-Semitic trope you mention.

As you point out, the game's been out for about a year now and I'm not actively working on it anymore. However, I'm still making a note to myself to revise these passages the next time I have the opportunity, because 1) I can, and 2) had I realized this connection when I was making it I'd never have written the jokes into the game.

(If any readers passing by are about to cry censorship: don't.)

I may not be able to update the game on other platforms/services, specifically Philomela (which is soon entering read-only mode) and Tap (which is handled by another company), but I'll try in any event. Any other websites besides those and itch which mirror the game are doing so without my consent so unfortunately there's not much I can do about them.

I want to thank you for bringing this issue to light, and also apologize to you and to anyone who may have been hurt by the game's inclusion of this awful trope.  My ignorance is not an excuse and my intentions don't absolve me, but I can promise to get the content out of the game in any way that I control and vow to do better going forward.


Valid. Thank you. Fuck anti-semitism.


this was such a good game!


this was wonderful. i enjoyed spending money that i will never have (for good reason)


Unfortunately glitchy. Kept crossing off list options I hadn't actually chosen (and was hoping to get around to!). But I did get to leave Real Jeff Bezos penniless and in jail after fixing the Flint water crisis while I hopped off to be Elon Musk so overall, good game. Funny as heck.


the game will cross off options that you no longer have the funds for, if that's what you mean


I avoided this game for so long because I thought it was lame to immortalize billionaires the way we do in the United States. Oh, how I was so wrong about this beautiful beautiful game.

Lol I had a similar thing. I was like, fuck no I don't want to play as Bezos. But the premise was perfect.

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Jesus christ people, I think this guy just wanted to make a game about being stupid rich, you dont need to start yelling at eachother in the comments about socialism vs capitalism. How about we all agree this is a fun but stupid game, that isnt trying to spread any political message, and that every way of political thinking has problems. All y'all are doing at this point is making eachother angry, not having political discussion.


Actually, the whole point of the game WAS to inspire people to talk about capitalism, inequality, and wealth. So, you trying to ride the fence here is pointless.


If you can show me where in the game it specifically says this I'd appreciate it, All I see it doing is demeaning both sides in parody. It's highly annoying to just be playing some goofy game, look down in the comments, and see them filled with both socialist and capitalist propaganda.

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Look, I see what you're saying. I haven't asked the developer myself but based on the context of the game its pretty obvious it was made to elicit thought. Its showing people some of the things that you can do with 156 Billion dollars. Which, as it turns out, is quite a lot. Solve homelessness, fund 100 indie games, pay for a border wall and not build it, and still not even be close to out of money. The propaganda you're talking about is people sharing their opinions. Some people decide to do that like an asshole and we can't control that. People should argue and disagree! It's good for the discussion and personal growth. The bad part, is when someone is being a total prick when they do it.

If you just enjoyed the game and didn't care to notice any of the social commentary that's fine too. You're allowed to just play a silly game without getting involved in the discussion afterwards.


Well I mean fair enough, I was just pointing out that the comment section needed to chill out, I was seeing entire threads that were filled with people throwing pictures degrading the other side of the argument in some way or another, which only served to make people angry.  I wanted the discussion to end because it had gotten to the point of people fruitlessly yelling at eachother in almost all of the threads I looked at., not the fault of the commenters mind you, it's just that political discussion is highly involved and a  system like reddit's or itch's is highly uninvolved.

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love it, its a good game to get a laugh out and to be educated at the same time!


Loved it! Really enjoyed getting all the endings and it helped put that vast amount of wealth into perspective. 


Excellent. Great writing


+UI is very simple.

+The idea is so nice.

+Scenario is good

-Scenario is a little bit short. You could make it longer.

My score is 4,5/5. I am looking forward to your future games.

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A little preachy, but not bad.As a side note this is the same Ui as that again, very preachy.Might be satire though,

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It's not preachy or satire, it's practical. Nobody likes bezos. Everybody likes mythbusters. You gotta have priorities in life. As for the UI, this is the default UI for the game engine being used, so you will see it around a lot. (It's one of the Twine formats.)


I am vermin.


I have never made it two clicks into any Twine game, but I finished this one. 

It's that good.


This is fucking amazing, great job!

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I got the secret endings. This game was pretty weird for me. I understand the point it's trying to get across, but I didn't recognise a lot of the things I was spending money on since I'm not American. The border wall, electoral college, flint water crisis, etc. I don't even know who Jeff Bezos is.


Have you ever heard of the richest guy in the world? Yep, that's him.

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That's totally fair lol. It's a very american game. For reference, the border wall is trump's xenophobic wet dream to physically prevent mexican and american citizens from traveling freely, with armed guards, especially to prevent mexican citizens from fleeing hostile conditions. Flint is a town in michigan with a large black population, whose water supply is heavily poisoned and whos people have been targeted by the police.. Nothing has gotten better in years and it's insane. The electoral college is how we vote, and it's an extremely broken system. I hope you enjoyed america 101. Don't visit, for your own safety.

I learned a lot about Flint last year from a Michael Moore documentary called Fahrenheit 11/9. It really changed my view of Obama.


Elon Musk's piggy bank will also be emptied.....


Elon Musk ending best ending


Nothing great, but it was fun. It would be better if it was a more "realistic" jeff bezos simulator.
Anyway, had fun, great price ($0),  I recomend.

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i feel like it would have been funnier if there was more gameplay to this (e.g. you keep on earning more money and you have to keep up with the earnings to reach zero) and you had sillier ways to spend the money, such as building 30 mansions and blowing them up just for shits n giggles or buying 30 tons of rubber bath toys and flooding the ocean with them. instead, all of the options are just socialist propaganda and you are forced to go down that route to get the best endings.

try putting down the political agenda for one moment and make something that is funny to everyone, regardless of what they believe.

So you say. And yet, people enjoy this game specifically because there's good things to spend the money on. If you want to burn resources just to burn resources, there's 878473928471282470957 other games for you where you actually play as someone like bezos, and not a punk hero.


good, good






I already absolutely adored this game, but the Kafka reference really made me go wild for it


I created an account just to comment on this game... after way to long... I got the secret ending people are saying it's impossible to get... The developer was right when he said you did not have to gain any money... I'm not going to say how to do it because it's so rewarding to figure out... thank you dev for this amazing experience... as well as the Silent Hill Reference! 


I can't get any of the secret endings. I read below that one of them involves spending all the money before getting to the café, I tried my best, didnt work, so gonna give up. The game is moderately funny, but not enough to make me replay it more than 3 times.

PS. Fuck capitalism



Very left-leaning.

When did you figure that out?


Game gets 8/10.

Comments section gets 10/10.


you're welcome


It should be played in schools! Good game ! ;) 


Is there any option to download this game and save it as a file or something?


I believe if you purchase a copy of the game (any amount) you get a download link!

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Yeah, im probly a bit biased about this, but if I'm so powerful as Jeff Bezos and want to be the good guy and so on, why can't I try to promote social democratic ideas and stuff? Like national funding of schools, medical system, simpler tax system and so on?  I mean that seems like much better target if you want to be the good guy: to try to promote the values of social democracy. Of course, you can all pay for that stuff,  but nothing will change ultiamtely, the system itself must change and be more akin to systems of Canada or Nordic countries.

P.S. I'm not really American so I dont really know much about local nuances of that.


this gets the point of his obscene wealth across better and also i'm obligated by a curse from lenin's ghost to give every social democrat a wedgie and accuse them of social chauvinism. i'm sure the dev knows and fears that

The game is more of a power fantasy, and suits the limited timeframe the player has to operate in. Long-lasting social change takes planning. Although, the game allows school funding, cancelling student debt, and housing the homeless, all good steps towards permanent change.


"No speakers over the age of 45"

I think this is a littlbe bit agestic. I dont like ageism.

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